Size : 8TB Hyperspin Retrogaming System
Arcade : Up to 50 systems
Collections : Up to 81 (Mario Party, Layton, Wipeout,...)
Consoles : Up to 41
Handhelds : Up to 12
Computers : Up to 13
Pinball : Around 2000 Tables

Controllers : Xbox 360 & Xbox One (other controls with usb key 8bitdo). Up to 4 Players.

A great frontend dedicated to retrogaming, like a chameleon,  should offer many choices of display. And in this domain, Hyperspin is clearly one step ahead the others.

Even if it's question of emulation here, we don't have to settle a video or image only as illustration. For every console and computer, up to and including Sega's Dreamcast, you'll only see a video, but also the original box of the game, the CD or cartridge, the console and its controller.

In many retrogaming themes, like the one for the Sega Saturn (on the left), you'll even see the cd in action. In many others, you'll see the cartridge going inside the console.

Respecting the games' original display format is also essential to an immersive retrogaming experience.

To this end, for most of games Hyperspin will offer the choice between several bezels. Their function is to fill, in the most beautiful way, the black bars left by the 4:3 format games that you'll display on a 16:9 screen. Stretching a 4:3 game to fill a 16:9 screen is, without a doubt, a very bad choice, especially for retrogaming games.

You can even reproduce the vertical screen used by many shoot 'em ups, or by games like Capcom's "Commando" or even Nintendo Playchoice-10.

Was the console in black and white? Did it display colors? Did it have a monochrome screen? These are all legitimate questions for those discovering new systems, or for those whose not remember... Each console in the system has a display that matches the one of the machine.

Hyperspin and Retrogaming aren't only a matter of roms. All retro games should have the same display as your memories.

Graphic filters are even activated on the video preview of each game. Nintendo Game Boy, for example, will be have a beautiful green, as seen in the illustration on the left.

The same goes for the Sega Game Gear or  Commodore 64.

In order to use a global emulation system, dedicated to retrogaming, like our Hyperspin, displaying thousands of games, some useful functions and/or informations may improve your gaming experience.

That's why our system offers :

A global wheel (it's an icon per system. Ex: TurboGrafx-16) gather your favorite games for each category (ex: consoles).

But many other functions like save/load game (see below) , a search function "HyperSearch" to find your games through the category you've choosen between the 8 different categories (arcade, consoles, computers, and so on...)

For each game in our Hyperspin retrogaming system, you'll have the game name (useful when the logo is in japanese), the dev's name, and release year.

Lot of time was needed to complete databases. Skrape, for homebrews, Mugen, OpenBor is far of being complete. Lot of manual searches are needed to gather all this informations.

In addition, some informations are displayed on the wheels: arcade cards (Capcom CPS I, CPS II or Irem M92), or number of players (Mame emulator).

Some systems are also displaying the game platform. Useful information for playlists like in Arcade PC's screenshot.

The whole Hyperspin retrogaming system was designed to simplify browsing.You could easily find your favorite games or discover  gems.

Per example, you'll only find Metal Slug in "run & gun", nomore in multiple genres (action, shoot em up and shooter) .

All databases were reworked by our team.

In Mame (Main arcade emulator) will display 28 genres and playlists., like action, racing, 8os...Arcade Classics (Capcom, Konami, Sega, etc....) offer 12 genres  like run and gun, fighter, puzzle games... Consoles and computers, 13 genres like adventure, sports or fighter...

Let's finish with "pause" and "clones" menus of our Hyperspin retrogaming exclusive system.

Mame, the arcade emulator consider original Japanese games like Capcom's ghouls'n ghosts as "clones". Therefore, when launching a game, wrongly considered as clone, you'll have the choice of launching the original Japanese version. This option was only activated by our team in our retrogaming system.

"HyperPause" menu offer many choices to the player: save your game, load your savestate, check your fighter's move list, read manuals and/or tips for your game and even go back to Hyperspin.

A question? A project?