Console Wars: PS3 vs XBOX 360

Microsoft Xbox 360, released in November 2005, benefits from a year head start over its competitor, the PS3, only released in November 2006.

Nowadays, 87.4 million Playstation 3 sold vs 85.7 million Xbox 360. 999.4 million PS3 games sold up to 2022 compared to 353.8 million Xbox 360 until 2009.

2562 games released in Blu-ray format for the PS3 compared to 2154 DVDs for the Xbox 360. As for digital games, the Playstation Network (PSN) offers you no less than 761 while the XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) offers you  633 games.

Xbox 360 emulation is provided by Xenia. This emulator, born in 2015, was created by Ben Vanik alias Noxa.

For most of the games, Sony Playstation consoles emulation is better, more efficient and accurate than Microsoft Xbox consoles, even for the Classic Xbox. That's why we built this common system.

Xbox 360 games (compatibility list), will focus on exclusives. A powerful pc setup will be required to enjoy your game library. Some games like Red Dead Redemption support HD textures.

For better compatibility, included games common to both platforms are Playstation 3 only.

RPCS3, the Playstation 3 emulator

RPCS3 development started twelve years ago, in 2011. Requiring last gen setup, it takes benefits from a great compatibility list.

That's why, we prefer to select PS3 games instead of Xbox 360 library. Indeed, these two consoles share a large part of their respective game libraries (more than 80%).
The quality of emulation is, without a doubt, better, for common games, with RPCS3. We have chosen, in order to limit risks of emulation failure, to highlight the Ps3 in this add-on which will benefit from regular updates.

Our Xbox 360 Games Set


A frontend oriented to retrogaming should embed many customization possibilities. On this side, our horizontal Hyperspin does not disappoint. All our consoles and computers benefit from exclusive themes. The Xbox 360 isn't an exception and benefits a custom theme, as seen in this screenshot, on the right.
All exclusive games selled on DVDs for the Xbox 360 are available here. They are all up to date and complete with their DLC. Nothing is missing !

Our Playstation 3 Games Set


The PS3 benefits, like the 360 and all our consoles, from special care. Our horizontal Hyperspin exclusive theme will improve your visual experience.

Like you can see in the screenshot on the left, our exclusive Hyperspin theme will display HD video previews, as well as boxes and blu-rays, of each  game. None of them are missing.
The set is made up not only of titles exclusive to the PS3 but also of games which contributed to the success of these two legendary consoles. All updates and DLC are available.

Our Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) Games Set

You'll find not only all the titles exclusive to the Xbox 360 online service but also a number of other titles, some from retrogaming, released on previous generations of consoles.

Among the available titles you'll find Arkanoid Live, Boulder Dash XL, Bubble Bobble Neo, Guardian Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, Sonic & Knuckles, Speedball 2-Brutal Deluxe...

Prepare yourself to discover new gems and take pleasure, playing dozens of hours...

XBLA updates and additional contents are also available!

Our Playstation Network (PSN) Games Set

We gather exclusive games on the PS3 online service, their DLC and updates, in this addon.

But don't forget that our target remains retro gaming. This is why you will also be able to enjoy numerous titles, not exclusive, but essential to any retrogaming system.
So you can play many titles, including: Another World-20th Anniversary Edition, Beyond Good And Evil Hd, Child of Light, Daytona Usa, Deathspank, Ghost Busters-Sanctum Of Slime, Ratchet & Clank-Qforce, Shank...

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